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Coventry House of Prayer - Our Vision

To be a praying Christian community at the heart of God in the heart of our city, united across the churches, interceding for revival and transformation in Coventry and our nation(s), with many coming to faith in Jesus Christ.


We aim to:


Be united in prayer across the churches, praying blessing and being a blessing in our city.

Facilitate prayer and equip God's people to pray.

Be a 'powerhouse' of prayer behind, and a resource centre for, the church's mission locally.

Be a place of welcome and hospitality for local people and visitors to our city.

Seek God's presence and his kingdom in the house and invite others to encounter him.

Intercede for revival and transformation in Coventry, our nation and the world.

To engage in local mission through need orientated outreach and in-welcome.

To provide a space for retreat and spiritual renewal.



Coventry House of Prayer - Our Values


The Coventry House of Prayer belongs to the whole Church of God in Coventry and the surrounding towns/villages. We welcome all regardless of denomination, stream or tradition. We desire as many churches and individuals as possible to get involved and for them to feel that the Prayer House is their own. We seek unity in God's vision and purpose for his whole church in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our team of volunteers and the wider prayer house community are drawn from many, many denominations.




The Coventry House of Prayer has 2 rooms set up with prayer activities and foci accessible to all ages. We offer a rhythm of corporate prayer, and welcome many different styles and traditions of Christian spirituality, expecting many strands of Christian prayer to emerge. We hold prayer schools and teaching events and currently offer prayer in the following styles:


24-7 Prayer, Prayer rooted in the Celtic and Benedictine monastic traditions, Charismatic prayer, Creative prayer, Silent Contemplative prayer, Intercessory prayer, Prophetic prayer, Prayer for Healing and Prayer Walking.




All are welcome in the Coventry House of Prayer whatever age, background, nationality, faith (or non). We welcome those who wish to pray and those who want a friendly chat and a cup of coffee. We seek to be community for those who are lonely, hungry and lost. 




The Coventry House of Prayer community seeks first and foremost to welcome God's presence in our midst through a rhythm of individual and corporate prayer and worship, and then to invite others to encounter him.




The Coventry House of Prayer believes in the power of blessing others. We seek to pray blessing and be a blessing in our city. We have a daily rhythm of blessing prayer and seek to serve the community in practical ways.




Following Jesus' example, the Coventry House of Prayer values the Christian practice of retreat: to draw aside alone with God. Our retreat centre offers space for rest and peace 'in the middle of busy lives in the middle of our busy city. We also have programmes of led retreats and seek to care for church leaders and pastors.




The Coventry House of Prayer seeks to facilitate reconciliation between God and people, between people, secular organisations, churches, cities and nations. We pray for the healing of our city and for God to renew us in our calling and destiny as a light to the nation and nations. We send out prayer teams to pray and bless in and alongside other cities' houses of prayer.

Our Prayer Goals


A call to be faithful and for the churches to work together side by side

First will come the oil of God’s healing on Coventry, and then fire for refining

A halving of crime, addictions, homelessness, followed by those things being stopped

A great awakening for the church

Revival starting in Coventry and spreading to the country

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