Booking options (currently not available)


We have two rooms and the lobby area by the front door on the ground floor in the Old Blue Coat School, opposite Holy Trinity Church.  The building is primarily Holy Trinity's Church Centre and therefore we share it with the Vicar and his guests, the Youth Team on the top floor and anyone who may have booked with Holy Trinity to use the other bookable rooms in the building.

One of our rooms is set up for groups of 8-10 while the other is aimed at individuals or smaller groups, but both rooms are limited to ten people at any time.  If your group is larger than this, and you want time to be together, we recommend that you contact Holy Trinity about booking one of their rooms elsewhere in the house, but do let us know if you'd like to book our rooms in addition, so that your group can take turns in the prayer rooms.  For instance, if there is a dozen of you wanting to come for a day, you could split the group over the two rooms, have lunch together elsewhere, then come back to the  two rooms.  You'd be fine so long as you don't all try to cram into one room for any length of time!

Alternatively,  you could book one of Holy Trinity's other meeting rooms (there will be a charge, see link) and your group could take turns in the prayer rooms individually or in smaller groups.  Booking 'The Yard' would also give you a place to have your lunch together adjacent to the kitchen. (See HTC's website for more info)  Please let us know if you have booked  another room in the Old Blue Coat School when you book for the House of Prayer.

We are generally open for bookings Monday to Friday between 10.00am and 3.45pm.  Our Hosts will be available throughout your visit.

Retreats (currently not available)

We are only able to offer day retreats as unfortunately no over-night accommodation is available.  (Previous visitors to the city have booked into local hotels and spent their days at the Prayer House).  It may be possible to arrange a led retreat or to arrange some input from one of our staff - please enquire about this.

Currently, retreats are normally available Monday to Friday, 10.00am to 3.45pm and prior booking is essential.  It may be possible to book earlier or later times, or a Saturday or Sunday but we cannot guarantee that a host will be available.  Do contact us to enquire about this at least 5-7 working days prior to your visit.  (All our hosts and management are volunteers).

Retreats are available for individuals or groups.  Group rates apply based on numbers and hours - please contact us for more info.  Individuals can book either of our two prayer rooms.  Groups can book either or both our prayer rooms.  One room comfortably seats  8-10 people, the other has two distinct 'zones', for 2-3,  but could seat more with additional folding chairs.  There is a limit of ten people in either room at any time.  Retreatants also have access to the house's shared kitchen and toilet facilities.  The kitchen has a fridge for storing food and facilities and equipment for preparing and serving hot or cold meals.  There are also kettles or an urn for hot drinks, but our hosts would be happy to make hot drinks for you or your group.  Catering for groups can also be arranged if you contact us in advance.  Food can be consumed in our prayer rooms.  If you require a dining area it may be possible to book 'The Yard' separately through Holy Trinity Church.  (See here for more information.  There will be an additional cost for this).There is no charge for retreats but a suggested donation of £12 per day for individuals. (Please ask about group rates). This includes tea/coffee and biscuits, exclusive use of one room and shared use of the other room and facilities in the House of Prayer.

Please contact us for further information, to check availability and to book your retreat. We look forward to welcoming you.

Booking for an individual retreat

This gives you exclusive and private access to one room for a whole or half day and shared use of the facilities and the other room in the House of Prayer if it is available.

Group access for retreats

This gives you exclusive and private access to both rooms and shared access to facilities within the House of Prayer.

Individual and group access for prayer

This gives you shared access to both rooms and facilities within the House of Prayer. Either room may be available for exclusive booking, do ask!

Although we do not make a charge, we do suggest a donation of £2 per person, per hour, to help support the work of the House of Prayer. Group rates apply depending on the size of group and length of visit. Please allow between 5-7 days’ notice when making a booking outside of hosted hours so that we can arrange a host for your visit.

Church leaders automatically have exclusive booking for both rooms as part of our caring for pastors ministry.


Our calendar shows you when we have hosts at the House of Prayer as well as booked slots and led retreats/events. (Not currently populated)